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Friday, 26 July 2013

The 'more the Merrier

Delighful and occasionally infuriating, 'Rushmore' is another Andersonian gem, littered with challenges to the conventions and roles of adulthood. Jason Schwartzman teeters on the brink of believability as Max Fischer, seeming at times to be straining against the physical aspects of the part, but in the end this conceit (JS was only 3 years older than Max at the time) is can be accepted as events breeze past it. All the roles are beautifully inhabited by a fine cast, Bill Murray seemingly effortless as usual, Olivia Williams quietly captivating. The smaller parts tend to flit in and out of the story, but always to great effect and staying in the memory, they contribute to a sweet and highly enjoyable piece with a riproaring conclusion. As expected, the soundtrack is a chocolate box of unexpected but carefully chosen treats, knitted together with original music by Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh. Rushmore is a  great pleasure after some initial annoyance, when parents in the audience may have the urge to react to Max's petulance, but it's nicely judged, another diamond on the already glittering path followed by fans of the Fantastic Mr. Wes.

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