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Monday, 28 May 2012

Everyone's A Winner, Baby...

We really should not be surprised anymore when Paul Giamatti delivers another winning performance in a movie that nobody has heard of, the man is a class act and elicits a heartfelt and tender reaction from his audience, whether he is at the centre of an insightful family drama such as this excellent story from Thomas McCarthy (first time director of the excellent Station Agent) or chewing up the scenery in his cameo in The Hangover Pt.II, where he was a welcome touch of class (and I enjoyed H pt. II).

Win Win is every bit as delightfully oddball as Sideways, but places family rather than fraternity at its heart. Young Alex Shaffner's performance is wonderfully low key and makes the film, but it's well played all round and Giamatti is front and centre, and we root for him despite some questionable decisions because we know his heart is in the right place. Gently humorous and engaging from start to finish, highly recommended.