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Saturday, 22 June 2013

If You Go Down To The Woods Today...

Set expectations to 'stun' (not stunning) for this not particuarly scary, but interesting effort from director Drew Goddard, written with Joss Whedon. I'm not a big horror fan, so I'm not sure if this is post-Scream or post-post-Scream post-found-footage, but it's an entertaining enough film with a twist at the start that runs through it. The proceedings are unremarkable, although there are decent turns from the leads. Chris Hemsworth is convicing as the ubiquitous jock, and Kristen Connolly is engaging as the heroine in peril, but it's the underlying premise and the presence of Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford that will prevent you from turning off after the first fifteen minutes. And for me the story does offer something in addition to the usual tired horror cliches, even if the payoff is disappointing, not least down to the introduction of the CGI equivalent of claymation and polystyrene. You should be entertained, somewhat, if you are willing to go along for the ride.

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