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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Eye Contact Leads To – Soundwave EP (06)

According to fan feedback ECTL contain elements of Mission of Burma, New Order/Joy Division, Devo, Kraftwerk, The Kinks(!) and Motorhead(!!!). The Kinks I will allow – there’s a certain jangly, rhythmic, tonal quality that is reminiscent of the Kinky ones (until Eric opens his mouth at least), but Motorhead? – you are having a laugh, sir/madam.

The eponymous ‘Eye Contact Leads To’ is a track that certainly admits to the influence of New Order in its skipping synth intro and Sam’s jittery guitar. Eric’s vocals are raw – in a good way – distinctly edgy, almost incongruous given the mainly electronic thrust of the song, but again in a good way, where you might expect smooth lamenting, the edge is welcome, an 80’s punk ghost trapped in the machine of 90’s electronica - intriguing. There are other ghosts present in the mix also – a spectre of Muse in certain wandering keyboard runs – a little light haunting by Mr. Cobain (circa Bleach) in Eric’s angry, howling lyrics.

An absolutely manky (trad. Scots adj. – filthy) baseline provides the intro to ‘Nothingsomething’ – soon joined by anxious guitar and a tripping drum beat from Mikey that drive a schizo harmony at jogging pace – imagine yourself running down the street with a gang of irate jannies chasing you – in vain. This is an energetic platform for Eric’s taunting, verging towards vicious, rants. Something about the beat will definitely make you want to pogo – then it will get lodged in your head and follow you around all day – in a good way.

This review was written in 2006 and ECLT grew on me steadily. It wasn’t an instant thing, but after a couple of listens it’s a joyous experience to curse along with the Glasgow 3some (at that time). Despite some comparisons made on their ms site ( at that time there are no dirges here, it’s all upbeat if more thoughtful aggression. Mental Up Your Arse, if you will.

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