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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Frank Turner

I first became aware of Frank Turner as a quarter of Million Dead who released 2 albums ('A Song To Ruin', 2003 and 'Harmony, No Harmony', 2005) before divorcing due to 'irreconcilable differences'. MD were a superb band, their songs both fierce and intricate, barbed wire frames for Frank's aggressively intelligent socialist-hued lyrics. For all that I did not share his leanings, I found the songs entirely compelling, infused with energy, anger and humour, and a rare accuracy and insight in the picture of modern life that they painted (e.g. 'To Whom It May Concern').

Frank's solo offerings are no less intelligent, no less compelling and not without humour. I have seen them pigeon-holed as 'Folk' but for me that is not an adequate description. Frank's voice is highly individual, the songs new friends that are at once familiar. Knowing what has gone before in the shape of MD just adds to the pleasure that I take from Frank's work. See 'Sleep Is For The Week' (2007) and 'Love Ire & Song' (2008). When was the last time you heard a song featuring a line about finding a charger for your phone?

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  1. Robinski, checked out Frank Tuner myspace web page - excellent and I hope you wont mind me stealing some of your themes for a posting of my own.

    I see a QMU gig is slated for October!